Scottish Power, UK

"There are many consultancy companies who profess to understand asset management, but few who convince me that their experience could really make a difference. After careful consideration we chose The Woodhouse Partnership - they were very clear on the inputs needed and the outputs we would get. They were also prepared to "tell it as they found it" and work with us to plan the way forward. The resulting report was very clear, identified strengths, weaknesses and recommended actions to be taken. The jointly created Roadmap gave a clear picture of what had to be done and was translated into individual objectives for the team.

We finally had a joined-up picture and this helped align staff to a common goal. Three years on, over 80% of the recommendations are already implemented and we are working on the remainder in preparation for the next iteration - including PAS 55 accreditation."
Steve Wood, former Network Strategy Director

Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada

"We selected TWPL to create a plan for Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) to further develop its asset management capabilities. We selected TWPL because we were impressed by their expertise in addressing both the technical, people and financial issues related to infrastructure asset management. The TWPL team successfully identified EGD's asset management strengths and gaps by completing a series of Interactive Assessment interviews and focus groups. They then ran a number of Roadmapping workshops to develop a realistic, coordinated way forward. The resulting plan will now be fully executed at EGD."
Cindy Graham, Manager, Integrity Management

CE Electric UK

"As an asset based utilities business we have been applying asset management principles for many years. We support the position of our regulator, Ofgem, who want the industry to be able to demonstrate good asset management techniques. However, we have taken this opportunity to not just look for compliance with good asset management practice but to break new ground by being one of the first to benchmark our performance against the newly developed IAM Assessment Methodology. As a consequence we wanted a firm who were not only qualified to assess us against PAS 55, had extensive cross-industry and international experience, and were prepared to break new ground by utilizing the IAM Assessment Methodology but were also prepared to offer training and practical assistance in any areas of potential weakness.

We chose TWPL because they offered extensive first-hand, multi-disciplined experience of the practical application and range of asset management services. The fact that they are at the heart of leading edge developments in asset management also made them very attractive. We are already getting the benefit of this latest thinking, tempered with practical knowledge and implementation realism. We have not been disappointed and have received high quality assistance, which is proving to be of great benefit to us."
Lawrence Fletcher, Head of Performance & Innovation for CE Electric UK
How CE Electric UK gained PAS 55 accreditation