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PAS 55 Assessments and Certification

The TWPL Certification is a formal recognition that an organisation's integrated life-cycle asset management system is adequate and effective, in line with PAS 55. This milestone provides recognised credibility in good practice and corporate governance, and a robust platform for developing further improvements.

The assessment covers all 28 points of the BSi PAS 55:2008 requirements, can be applied across the whole organisation or to specific asset or business units, and characterises the maturity of the organisation on a 5-level scale, ranging from 'Innocence' to 'Excellence'. Unlike other assessments, however, we don't stop there � we also gauge the scope, value and rate of improvement that is possible in each area, so that recommendations can be developed into a cohesive, logical and prioritised plan.

Certification is subject to a rigorous evaluation and validation of competency across all the PAS 55 requirements. It complies with the forthcoming the Institute of Asset Management standards for accreditation against PAS 55, and is a recognized badge of confidence. Certification carries a 3-year validity, subject to annual surveillance visits, before re-assessment become due. In many cases, this assessment and recertification can be coordinated with other audit activities, such as those of quality or environmental management systems, to minimize disruption and duplication of efforts.

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