Asset Management Roadmap™ development

It is not enough simply to diagnose existing strengths and weaknesses and profile the 'as is' situation of asset management. Most organisations have had many audits, benchmarking studies and 'gap analyses' in the past - often leading to a large pile of recommendations and improvement opportunities but little actual or sustained change. A big difference that TWPL contributes, therefore, is the structured process of turning the observations into a practical, prioritized way forward for the business. The TWPL Asset Management Roadmap™ is a well-proven method of harnessing and adapting existing initiatives, identifying 'quick wins' and 'slow burners', quantifying the business case for all activities, and constructing a single, consolidated path that all parties can agree to and commit to. Fed up with seeing the repeated cycles of 'temporary enthusiasm' and management fashion, TWPL consultants have developed, over 15 years, a unique toolkit of tips, techniques and learning points to ensure that the resulting Roadmap is deliverable, is understandable by all, and is 'owned' by those charged with implementation. But don't take our word for it see what organisations that have been through the process say (almost all TWPL business comes from such track record and word-of-mouth reputation).

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